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On-Air Interview

The Diva Zone Morning Show
1440 WDRJ Detroit - June 26, 2009 / June 28, 2009 / July 1, 2009

Contributor to Article:
"Melba Moore Opens Up About Love and Music"

Philadelphia Tribune
Page 5D - May 29, 2009

TVOne 'Unsung' Confirms Florence Ballard Story

TVOne Online
May 15, 2009

On-Air Interview

The Mason Morning Show
107.5 WGPR Detroit - September 18, 2008

On-Air Interview

US Radio - Cleavester
July 24, 2008

Queen of the Supremes before Diana Ross, she died at 32.

So was Florence Ballard murdered?
Wendy Leigh - The Mail on Sunday - May 22, 2008

Maurice Boland Show

Talk Radio Europe
May 5, 2008

Maxine Ballard Interview

Biba Adams - Michigan Citizen
July 28, 2007

DREAMGIRLS by the Detroit Theater of the Dramatic Arts

Staged and directed by Gregory E. Gray, Founder and Producing Artistic Director
February 25, 2007

Special honored guest: Maxine Ballard Jenkins

Maxine Ballard Interview

Movie draws attention to Ballard
By SVEN GUSTAFSON, Associated Press Writer / Yahoo News - February 20, 2007

DETROIT - Like Effie, the "Dreamgirls" character which drew from her life, Florence Ballard had a triumphant return to the stage after her fall from grace from The Supremes.

Singing at Ford Auditorium in Detroit on June 25, 1975, Ballard shook off years of drinking and other troubles and put on a dynamic performance that drew wide acclaim and revived interest in her career.

Maxine Ballard Interview

The Supremes killed my sister
By Wendy Leigh / "The Mail on Sunday" (British Newspaper), - January 27, 2007

Maxine Ballard Interview

The real Effie Feisty diva in 'Dreamgirls' revives interest in Supremes' Ballard
By Susan Whitall / The Detroit News - January 04, 2007


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